Who are we?

We are young team of professionals with many years of experience in marketing, advertisement, real estate sales, web design, content management, whose synergy led to very unique set of services that we provide to our clients. Our network provides access to the luxury real estate and homes for sale in Montenegro. We are aimed at finding the best property for each individual with the custom-made approach for every client of ours. 

When second home become primary. 

“If all the world's a stage, then Montenegro struts upon it, continuously playing out the most dramatic act. There's not an iota of the insipid to be found here; from its backdrop of soul-stirring mountains and captivating coastline to its passionate populace and lively, living history, this is a country with charisma. I've been knocked off my feet here more times than I can count – by the staggeringly spectacular..."


Tamara Sheward

Lonely Planet Writer


Why to invest in Montenegro?

 Convenient tax policy

 Positive investment climate

 Temporary residency for home owners

 Lower costs for starting business

 Emerging market with stable increase in price

 Undiscovered and unused part of Europe

 Good connection with European capitals  


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