Temporary Residence

Procedure for applying for Temporary Residence based on owning the property in Montenegro by foreign national

Foreign national is obliged to register in Touristic organization in the town in which he or she plans to apply for the Temporary residence within 24 hours after entering Montenegro.

Foreign national applies by applying personally using special form in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by providing following:

1. Valid passport

2. Health Travel Insurance for 40 days obtained in Montenegro

3. Proof from the bank that the foreign national owns 3,600 EUR. It is necessary to open bank account in Montenegro and pay above mentioned amount (10 EUR per day for the period of one year). Other option is that the foreign national has the person who will guarantee to cover his or her expenses during the stay.  Statement of the warrantor should be certified by the notary. 

4. Confirmation from the country of origin that the foreign national is not sentenced of imprisonment for more than 6 months for the criminal offense prosecuted ex officio or the legal consequence have ceased. The original certificate shall be provided along with the translation of official court interpreter. 

5. Confirmation of accommodation for a period of one year – Taking into consideration that the application for temporary residence is based on possession of immovable property, the Proof of owning immovable property (Real Estate Folio) would be sufficient. In case the foreign national owns business premises, other evidence of secured accommodation, such as the Lease Agreement, should be provided.

6. Proof of justification of the application for Temporary residence – Real Estate Folio by which foreign national proves that he or she owns the property in Montenegro.

7.  Payment slips as the proof of paid fees of 5 EUR and 10 EUR, which are paid on spot. 

When applying for Temporary residence, the foreign national is photographed, taken fingerprints and digitalized signature. 

Within 40 days after submitting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall make decision about the application. Temporary residence is given in the form of an ID card valid for one year. 

The foreign national applies for the extension of the temporary residence permit personally to the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of residence 30 days before the expiration of temporary residence permit. One of the conditions for extending the temporary stay is that a foreign national cannot stay longer than 30 days outside of Montenegro for the duration of the temporary stay.

The time that foreign national spent in Montenegro based on Temporary residence based on owning the property, will not be taken as the period of time needed for getting the permanent permit. Compared to standard temporary residence which could be extended maximum for 2 years, extension of the permit based on owning the property does not have time limitations.


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